Casting Call for New Movie by Maria Govan Closed)

Seeking:  Actors 

For: Play the Devil (Directed by Maria Govan)

Date: Saturday 8th  February 2014

Time: 10am-5pm

Location: #7 Francis Road, Maraval. (view map below)

Contact Info:  Abigail 384-2545, maria 333-5509


GREGORY – (should look 17/18 years) Afro – Trini or mixed race, sensitive, good-looking, slim build, clean cut.
DEVIN – (should look: 18) Afro – Trini, good looking, well built, “bad boy” type.
FAYNE – (should look: 20’s) Afro – Trinni, good looking, “bad boy” type.
GRANDMA – (should look: 70s ) Afro – Trini – heavy set, strong build.
MELVINA – (should look: 40s) Indian or Chinese mix – very attractive, slim and tall.
CELIA – (should look: 20s) – Mixed race – very attractive.
FATHER – (should look: 40s) – Afro – Trini, very slim, worn down from living hard.
KENDRA – (should look: 30s) – Afro – Trini or mixed race plays crack addict.
TEACHER – (should Look: 40s)
STACEY – (should look: 17 – 20 years) Mixed race, very attractive sexy young woman.
TAMARA – (should look: 17- 20 years) Mixed race, attractive young woman.
MISPA – (should look Late 60s) Older Afro – Trini woman.


OTHER BOYS – in JAB and on the BLOCK

Click here for more info



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