Auditions for Film w/ Juliette McCawley (Closed)

Seeking: Actors M/F (See breakdown for Details)

For: Film with Juliette McCawley

Date: Wednesday 12th February  2014 and Thursday 13th February 2014

Time: By Appointment ONLY

Location: The space for auditioning will be sent to you with the confirmation of your audition slot

Contact Info: Amy Chang ( or Juliette McCawley (


[KRISTIN] 30-50. A natural beauty. This gentle yet strong woman embodies the soul of
the island. She keeps Dickie comfortable with humor and grace as his end
approaches. Strong actresses. Trinidadian. Large supporting role.

[TONY]- 40ʼs-American or New York accent preferred. Strong and intimidating. This
man was the husband of Jen. Abusive in every sense of the word. No one in the crew
has ever liked him and are pushed to the point of no return.

[ANNIE] 30ʼs-All nationalities considered. Credible American accent preferred. This
kind-hearted spitfire works as the receptionist at the agency. She finds herself flirting
with Jerry, the talent, and realizes this might be real.

[JAKE] 30-40-American or New York accent preferred. This good looking bartender
knows all the right things to say. Quick & witty. He has become friends with the crew
who frequent his bar.

[SHAWN] 18- (African-ancestory, American accent) Son of Chuck (Harold Perrineau) –
see pictures on internet- Typical kid wanting to grow up too soon. Gets let into the club
and ends up overdosing. His death haunts the crew.

[YOUNG ACTRESS] 20ʼs -Typical good looking starlet. This young woman looks to Ray
for representation but is turned away until she has more training.



In order to secure an audition spot you can email Amy Chang  or Juliette McCawley. They would like a head-shot and resume if you have them. If you do not have them and are interested in auditioning, the best thing to do is email and she will recommend you as an auditionee and help you prepare the right material. Auditions will be by appointment only.

Click here for more info

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