Casting Extras (continued) [Closed]

Seeking: M/F  Extras

For: U.S. Film being shot in June.

Contact Info:


Those of you still interested in submitting photos for EXTRAS please email to

EXTRAS, EXTRAS, EXTRAS!! NEEDED for an American Movie being shot here in EARLY JUNE!! All ethnicities!! Male and Female!!  We are looking for Bartenders, waitresses, Receptionist, office workers, families of four or six, single parent families, club dancers and groups of Friends in club attire, police officers, security officers, couples, Cashiers, attendants, limo and cab drivers, Sexy girls with Outrageous club attires for best-dressed dancehall queens, yoga Students and teachers.

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2 thoughts on “Casting Extras (continued) [Closed]

  1. And Action!!!!! Would appreciate any notice about casting re film/theatre. Please keep me updated would be much appreciated!


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