Play the Devil: General Casting Call [Closed]

Seeking: M/F  Actors [See Breakdown]

For: Play the Devil

Date: Saturday 5th July 2014

Time: 10am-3pm

Location: #7 Francis Road Maraval

Contact Info: 384-2545, 333-5509


James: (Should look early 50’s).
Distinguished affluent businessman, tall attractive, healthy build.

Gregory: (Should look 17/18 y/o).
Afro-Trini or mixed race, sensitive, good-looking, slim build, clean cut.

Devin: (Should look 18 y/o)
Afro Trini, good looking, well built, “badboy” type

Fayne: (Should look 20’s)
Afro-Trini looking good, “bad boy” type

Father: (Should look 40’s),
Afro Trini, Very slim, worn down from working hard.

Grandma: (Should look: 70’s)
Afro Trini- Heavy set, Strong build

Click here for more info


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