CASTING CALL for Feature Film by Shaun Escayg (Closed)

Company: An Escayg Film Company

Seeking: M/F Actors

For: Shodo

Format: Online Submission

Contact Info:


Born into a world of drug mules and human trafficking, destitute brothers Charlo and Benji’s bond is put to the test, as an opportunity to escape poverty leads to an unexpected turn of events.

Interested persons can send their resumes and photos to

Main Characters Breakdown:


Fourteen-year-old Benji is a skilled artist that has abandoned his dreams for a life of crime. Stifled by his older brother Charlo; he struggles to find his place within the crime organization. A charming good-looking kid, naïve to the dangers and desperate to become a man; he constantly defies his brother.

At seventeen, Charlo is already seasoned smuggler and protective older brother. He’s looked after Benji is entire life. Rugged and built tough by the hand he was dealt, Charlo recognizes that Benji’s not cut from the same cloth. His goal is to get his brother as far away from the organization as possible.

Saddam is a corrupt ambitious police officer that leads a Special Forces unit charged with ridding the streets of crime. An intelligent persistent killer he extorts and kills midlevel dealers to further his career.

Queen is one of the largest human traffickers and aunt of Charlo and Benji. Blood is the only thing that connects Queen to the boys. A former prostitute herself Queen sees people as cattle; stock to be sold.

Spanish is a ruthless upcoming drug lord that runs a Body shop as a front. A recent immigrant from Venezuela, he’s well schooled and connected in the trade. Charlo is one of his favorite workers, which makes Benji a prime candidate.

Ria is a beautiful Indian girl whose father owns a small mom and pop Grocery store. Young, beautiful and well educated, her smile could brighten any day. Despite her better judgment she’s fallen head over heels for Benji.

Director: Shaun Escayg
Producer: Annabella Medina
Casting Director: Teri – Leigh Bovell

Production Type: Independent

Project length: Feature Film (90 minutes)

Project format: 16:9 HD

Compensation: Yes

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