Seeking Actors, Singers and Dancers to Audition for “Ten to One” [closed]

Company: Iere Theatre Productions Limited

Seeking: Actors/Singers/Dancers

For: “Ten to One”

DateSaturday 25th October 2014

Time: 2pm -7pm

Location: . Naparima Girls High School, San Fernando, [up the hill from KFC] (View Map)

Contact Info:, (868) 7247041, (868) 7883358


Iere Theatre Productions Ltd in collaboration with Canboulay Productions is looking for interested persons to be cast in one of the biggest and most gripping theatre productions for the year 2015, “Ten To One”

Interested persons must be able to sing, dance and/or act. Please prepare one song and a dramatic piece.

Come with:
1. Passion
2. Talent, and
3. Comfortable clothing





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