Calling Actors for Student Short Film- “Stolen” (Closed)

Student: Angelica Ludvig

Seeking: M/F Actors 18-25  y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Student Short Film

Title: “Stolen”


A young Detective uses the symbolism of a dream to catch the criminals linked to a cold case his department believes will remain unexplained.

Entry level police investigator Antonio Fernandez is haunted by frequent nightmares tied to a string of mysterious missing children cases in South Trinidad. As a result, he schedules an appointment with an acquainted psychiatrist to try to decipher the possible symbolism of his dreams.

She offers Antonio a new perspective to view one of the cases his department set aside two years earlier. This allows him to identify a child kidnapping ring that has resurfaced twenty-years later.

Format: Online Submission

Preparation: Please email the following information: Name, Age, Location, Phone number and the Character you wish to be considered for.

Deadline: Tuesday 24th March 2015 at 4:30pm

Contact Info: 466-1682

Character Breakdown: 

Antonio Fernandez- early 20’s, lean built. (Protagonist)

Dale Ali- Antonio’s friend and colleague, late 20’s well built (Supporting Role)

Psychiatrist Dr. Samantha Walcott- late 20’s (Supporting Role)

Numnufee- African narrator in Antonio’s nightmare ,early 40’s (Supporting Role)

Shooting Begins: Thursday 26th March, 2015


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