Casting Call – Seeking Actors, Singers, Models, Dancers & Free Runners for Feature Film featuring Swappi (Closed)

Production Company: College Stu Film & Toolman Productions LTD

Seeking: M/F Actors, Singers, Dancers, Models, Free Runners,  (See Character Breakdown)

For: Feature Film

Production Title: Comin Home 2 U (featuring Swappi)

Synopsis: On the day that former gang member Zeke and his sweetheart Arial pack their suitcases for a new life and an athletic scholarship in the US, he is arrested, interrogated and released in connection with the murder of Black-boy the rival gang leader. Having no evidence, the crooked cop “Frame” drops Zeke in the middle of the rival gangs territory and tips them off as to his presence. Zeke, a top free runner, is now pursued by the rival gang and his own former gang who are convinced that he is an informer, against all odds he desperately tries to claw his way back home to his sweetheart Arial to fulfill his text message to her: “COMIN HOME 2 U.”

Format: Live Audition

Preparation: Please email your resume and a head shot to the email address below. Further instructions will be given at the Audition

Audition Dates: Saturday 25th + Sunday 26th April 2015

Time: 1pm-6pm (Both days)

Location: Necessary Arts. #44 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain.

Character Breakdown: 

  • Zeke: Male 20’s to early 30’s any ethnicity
  • Ariel: Female 20’s to early 30’s any ethnicity
  • Yankee: American Male 20’s to 30’s US accent, any ethnicity
  • Angel: Female 20’s to 30’s Caucasian/Asian/or Indian
  • Blackboy: Male 20’ s to 30’s dark skinned
  • Boss: Male 20’s to early 30’s any ethnicity
  • Cyan: Female 20’s to early 30’s any ethnicity
  • Frame: Male between 30 and 50 any ethnicity
  • Ninja: Male 20’s to early 30’s any ethnicity
  • Raj: Male 20’s to early 30’s Indian or mix
  • Uncle: Middle aged any ethnicity
  • Grandmother: Negro/ mix
  • 12 Beauty Competition contestants
  • Paymaster: 30 + any ethnicity
  • 20 Police men/women: All ages and ethnicity
  • MC: Experienced MC
  • 10 DOCTORS: Male/Female doctor types all ages
  • 10 Nurses: Male/Female all ages
  • All Free-runners and free-runner groups
  • 200 extras: All ages and ethnicities

Associated Personnel

Producer: Stanley Jackson
Director: André Johnson
Casting Director: Rhett Toolsee
Photography: Eustace Dyer

Shooting Begins: July 2015


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