Casting Call for Feature Film – “Queen of Soca” Starring Terri Lyons (Closed)

Production Company: TriniGoodfellas Film & Video Seeking: M/F Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians  16-30 y/o  (See Character Breakdown) For: Feature Film

Production Title: Queen of Soca

Synopsis: Olivia (Terri Lyons) is a teenaged girl from an impoverished community, with a fabulous singing voice, honed in the church choir. When she decides to use her voice to sing soca, however, Olivia must face many hurdles – not least of all a stiff opposition from her mother (Penelope Spencer)

Format: Live Audition Preparation: Please send your resume and a head shot to the email address below. Prepare a monologue no longer than 90 seconds or you can get sides from the FB event page. Audition Dates: Saturday 9th May 2015 Time: 2pm-8pm Location: Necessary Arts. #44 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain.

Character Breakdown:

Radio DJ (the vibesman) – male On air personality with an excellent voice that can vibes up the nation. Mid 30’s to Mid 40’s. Preacher – like an evangelist? Very outspoken, quotes the bible then personalizes it. Late 30’s to Early 50’s.

Blaze –footballer, toned body, great abs, cool, somewhat good looking with a thuggish vibes. Late teens to Late 20’s. School teacher – mature male or female, tall. Mid 30’s to Mid 50’s Bad boys – 3 male, tough guys, criminal, gang affiliates. Late teens to Mid 20’s. Predi – Mama’s boy, good looking, redman, confident. cool. Late teens to Mid twenties Vishnu – Indian male, chicken shop owner, strict, always serious. Late 30’s to early 50’s Candi – sexy thicky, attractive, funny, outspoken, nice assets, Indian or Dougla preferably but any ethnicity. Mid twenties to Mid 40’s Deja – Sexy reds, ego, beautiful, sexy, 2 times soca monarch winner and title holder, dresses extravagant, skimpy and funky. Late 20’s to late 30’s. Chubby – Fat boy, thinks he is good looking, always drinks chubby, high sexual drive, wants every woman and think they should want him too. Mid 20’s to mid 30’s. Secondary Characters: Dj’s, Doctor, promoter, rappers, dancers, upcoming soca artists, music producers, promotional models, church choir, extras.

Associated Personnel: 

Producer: Stephen Hadeed Writer/Director: Kevin Adams Casting Director: Ashana Arthur

Shooting Begins: July/August 2015 Compensation: YES


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