Calling Young Actors for Create Awareness Workshop and Campaign on Children’s Rights (Closed)

Production Company: create.future.good

Seeking: M/F Actors 11-22 y/o (Writers, Artists, Producers and Activists also being sought)

For: createAwareness Workshop Campaign 2015

Synopsis: The createAwareness Campaign was developed by create.future.good and CreativeJoint to increase awareness about children’s rights by ENGAGING children and adults in a purposeful way. The campaign will run for ten (10) days where participants will be involved in: the Production of create.future.good’s new campaign on Children’s Rights, Workshop on Children’s Rights, Hands on Production of awareness ads and their work will be featured in Print. Radio. Television. Online. Social Media. Click Here for More Info

Format: Online Submission

Preparation: To apply, send an email with the subject: createAWARENESS Campaign 2015. State your Name, Age, DOB, Address, Gender, Contact Info,Talents/Interests/Hobbies, Parent Name and Contact.

Also state the top 3 Rights of a Child that you think should be highlighted in our 2015 campaign, List 3 issues related to children that you believe need public attention and Write/Draw/Send a short video clip highlighting your view on ANY issue related to children. 

Submission Deadline: Saturday 1st August  at 12pm

Contact Info:, 1 (868) 780-4127, 1 (868) 684-6480

Duration: Workshops and Production run from Monday 3rd August to Friday 14th August 2015.

Associated Personnel:

Project Manager: Tonya Evans
Project Director: Nadella Oya


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