Short Film Casting Call for “Night Hunt” (Closed)

Producer/Director: Ryan Figuera

Seeking: M/F Actors 17-28 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Short Film

Title: “Night Hunt”

Logline: One night, three sects take to the darkness to hunt a peculiar prey who will change their reality.

Format: Online Submission

Preparation: Please email Headshot, Performance History/ Resume/ Actors Reel (If available) and Contact Details with the subject “NIGHT HUNT AUDITIONS”.

Submission Deadline: Monday 21st September 2015 at 9pm

Contact Info:, (868) 3567624

Character Breakdown:

Sandy: Female 17-28 y/o; Wild, Borderline Insane.

Noel: Male 20-28 y/o; Calm, Kind, Strong.

Tariq: Male 20-28 y/o; Sarcastic, Witty, Powerful.

Lucy: Female 17-28 y/o; Innocent, Lost, Confused.

Here’s the Trailer for Ryan’s Last Film


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