Casting Call for Feature Film- “Green Days By The River” (Closed)

Company: Green Days Film Limited

Seeking: M/F Actors 14-55 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Independent Feature Film

Title: “Green Days By The River” 

Genre: Drama/Coming of Age


(Based on a novel by Michael Anthony)

Fifteen-year-old Shell, the new boy in the village, naively navigates a love triangle between the attractive Indian girl ROSALIE, and the more personable JOAN. Though flattered by the friendship of Rosalie’s father, he focuses on becoming a man in the wake of his father’s terminal illness and will discover the difficult choices ahead. A provocative story about self-discovery and young love set against the lush backdrop of 1952 rural Trinidad

Audition Format: Online Submission

Preparation: Please submit your HEADSHOT AND CONTACT INFO.
(Experienced and non-experienced Actors are welcomed. Only selected submissions will be scheduled)

Submission Deadline: Friday 2nd October 2015 at 11pm

Contact Info:

Character Breakdown:

  • SHELL (Male, Black, 14-18)

A curious and charming fifteen year old boy, who opens up at times to displaya flirtatious side. He’s filled with wonder and frequently caught deep in thought. He learns harsh lessons through his questioning search fro the truth in love and life, all with a gaze of innocence, adventure and excitement.

  • MR. GIDHAREE (Male, Indian, 45-55)

A 48 year old man, large, brawny of East Indian descent, is a landowner, planter and hunter, almost always accompanied by his large Tobago dogs. He has a generous side and takes a liking to Shell, who helps him tend to his lang. They develop a father – son type bond and friendship. As the father of Rosalie, Mr. Gidharee’s kindness is tested when Shell crosses the line with his daughter.

  • PA LAMMY (Male, Black, 45-55)

Shell’s father is a frail, thin, sickly man. A man with a rough exterior, straight to the point, what you see is what you get. A little crude and scandalous at times yet he always means well. He connects with Shell on a more personal level and takes up for him when i comes to dealing with Ma.

  • MA LAMMY (female, black 45-55)

An emotional, spiritual woman who can be estranged at times amidst her no-nonsense attitude. She does what she can to meagerly provide for her son and ailing husband.

  • ROSALIE (Female, Dougla/Indian Mixed, 14-18)

The pretty village girl who knows that she is sexy. With all the boys enthralled by her, she is more of an infatuation, a charming flirt with long dark curlse. Jealousy may get the better part of her, when other girls capture the aftention of the guys, particularly Shell.

  • JOAN (Female, Black 14-18)

A respectable, personable girl from out- of-town, also very pretty but in a dainty, modest way. The girl you want to be friends with, as you fall in love with her personality and soft features.

  • LENNARD (Male, Black, 14-18)

The largest of all the boys with a confident exterior, he is the natural leader of the group. He knows everyone in the village and is very charming and flirtatious. The boys look up to him for confidence in drinking rum and dancing with girls.

  • JOE (Male, Mixed, 14-18)

A shy, easy going, pretty-boy that has the girl but is not really interested in her. The guys don’t really see what Rosalie could like in him, other than his looks.

  • ROY (Male, Black, 14-18)

A follower, an instigator, and a supporter , who doesn’t say much and lacks personality. he is still needed within the group to jeer on fights and conflict amongst the boys.

  • FREDIE (Male, Mixed, 25-30)

A Skinny man of East indian descent, well known owner of the village parlour and rum shop. A lover of rum, he takes te young boys under his wing and indulges them in wine, drink and song. he is always fun to be around, imparting his wisdom about girls.

  • RAMDAT (Male, Indian, 40-50)

A short Indian planter with bowed legs and rough features, who has an overprotective hold on his daughter Sonia.

  • SONIA (Female, Indian, 18-25)

A beautiful womanly, cocoa gatherer who engages Shell with matters of maturity and sexuality.

  • DOLLY GIDHAREE (Female, Dougla, 18-22)

Rosalie’s plumpish 19-year -old sister.

  • MARRIE GIDARREE (Female, Black, 40-50)

Rosalie’s mom, 44 years old, brown skinned -creole woman.

  • THERESA (Female, Any Race, 18-25)

One of Freddie’s girls from the vilage who’s just pleasant and cool to be around.

  • MR. PREFAT (Male, Any Race, 60-70)

The oldest man in the village who walks everywhere with his walking stick.

  • NURSE (Female, Any Race, 25-40)

A strict woman who lacks empathy for Shell when he visits Pa.

Associated Personnel:

Director: Michael Mooleedhar

Producer: Christian James

Compensation: YES


4 thoughts on “Casting Call for Feature Film- “Green Days By The River” (Closed)

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  2. I think the book was interesting because it made you want to read it again and again .Out of all the characters Mr. Gidharee was my favourite because he helped Shellie and his mother with their needs.


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