Casting M/F Actors and Musicians for Feature Film: “The Cutlass” (Closed)

Company: The Cutlass Productions Ltd.

Seeking: M/F Actors, Musicians 15-65 y/o 

For: Feature Film

Title: The Cutlass

Synopsis: Based on a true story, a young girl is kidnapped by a sociopath in the Trinidadian jungle, not knowing whether or not she has the strength to survive.

Format: Online Submission

Preparation: Auditions by appointment ONLY. Please submit Headshot and contact details, State role interested in and CASTING in the email subject line.

Submission Deadline: Sunday 29th November 2015 at 9pm

Contact Info: 471-6816

Character Breakdown: 


JAKE SOLOMANOver 50 years , Caucasian

This once happy, driven, energetic man has spent years of fighting an illness that has him withered away, it seems he’s given up.

– CAPTAIN JOSEPH: Over 40 years, African/ Indian /mixed

This regal character has an air of patience yet he is sharp and focused and nothing gets in his way. He is out to prove that the T&T police force is not an entity to be messed with.

– CHRISTINE SOLOMAN: Over 50 Years, Caucasian mixed

A loving mother who takes good care of her family, who are her entire world.


– BETH:  Late teens to early 20’s, any ethnicity

Loving life, Beth is the essence of fun. She’s the life of the party and slightly risqué.

– TYLER: Late teens to early 20’s, mixed

Main character’s boyfriend, Tyler is an easygoing dude, likes attention from the ladies

– LUKE: Late teens to early 20’s, any ethnicity

This goofball is always looking for a good time. Loves rock music. (Playing guitar is a plus)

– MARK: Late teens to early 20’s, any ethnicity

The ringleader of his friends and the lead singer of his band.

– YOUNG AL: 15 years African/ Indian / mixed
Timid and victimized, he has nothing but despise for his brother, Georgie

– GEORGIE: 17 years African/ Indian / mixed

Loves to bully his younger brother, AL. Carefree.

-RISHI: 30 to 60 years, Indian

Kind, gentle and always willing to help.

– KELLY: Late teens to early 20s, any ethnicity

Sexy, willing to wear bikini (able to put on an American Accent, a plus).


Guitar, Percussion

Shooting Begins: January  2016

Compensation: YES


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