Casting M/F Actors for Untitled UWI 2016 Capstone Film Project (Closed)

Producer: Mikhail Gibbings

Seeking: M/F Actors 20-60 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: UWI Capstone Feature Film

Title: TBA [ Untitled ]

Logline: A young woman decides to blackmail her gay boss.

Format: Live Audition

Preparation: Instructions will be given at the audition

Audition Date: Friday 11th December 2015

Time: 3pm-8pm

Location: SAC- Student Activity Center, UWI St. Augustine Campus

Contact Info:, (868) 7034256

Character Breakdown:

Mel: Street oriented woman who blackmails her boss for her advancement

  • Female| Dark to Medium Brown Skin| Average Height| Early to Mid 20’s| Slim | Short to Medium Hair (Natural)

Denny: Son of a wealthy business owner/ hiding his homosexuality

  • Male|Mixed race | Early 20’s to Mid 30’s| Athletic/Muscular Build|Well Groomed.

Gerald: Street/Tough living on the same street as Mel

  • Male | Mixed Race| Early 20’s to Early 30’s| Fit Build/ Slim but toned| Medium Short/ Long slightly unkempt  cornrows or ras

Joseph: Mel’s Drug Addicted Brother

  • Male| Medium Dark – Dark Skin| Tall| Mid- Late 20’s| Skinny Build| Medium Short to Medium/Long Hair

Julien: Best Friend of Denny/ Crocked Police Officer

  • Male | Dark- Light Brown Skin | Tall| Mid 20’s – Mid 30’s| Well Groomed

Uncle Glen: Mel’s Abusive Uncle

  • Male |Medium Dark- Dark Skin| Mid 40’s – Early 50’s| Grey/Fading Hair

Compensation: YES


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