Open Singers, Dancers, Actors And Variety Performers Auditions for Atlantic Y.E.S Awards Performance (Closed)

Casting Director: Timmia Hearn

Seeking: M/F Actors, Singers, Dancers and Variety Performers 6-15 y/o 

For: Award Ceremony Performance

Title: Atlantic Y.E.S Awards 

Description: A live performance featuring traditional carnival characters at Queens Hall to celebrate the Atlantic YES Awards.

Format: Live Audition

PreparationInstructions will be given at the audition. Please email or call to sign up for a slot.

Audition Date:  Saturday 19th December 2015

Time:  11:30 am -3:30pm

ACTING AUDITIONS: 2:30pm-3:30pm

Location:  Trinidad Theatre Workshop| #23 Jerningham Ave, Belmont (View Map)

Contact Info: 742-1671 (868) 6248502

Character Breakdown:

The Bookman: Non-speaking role for a young man or woman. Dancing role.

Midnight Robber: Speaking role for a young man or woman able to speak in the rhythm of the Midnight Robber.

3 Fancy Sailors: Non-speaking role. Strong dancing necessary. Familiarity with traditional sailor dance a plus.

5 Moko Jumbies: Looking for a group of Moko Jumbies. Please email directly to if you are interested in your Moko Jumbie group being considered.

Dame Lorraine: Non-speaking role for a girl around 10 with strong dance skills.

Pierrot Grenade: Speaking role for a boy around 10 with excellent diction, clarity and eloquence.

3 Minstrels: Singing roles for three children 7-14 with great singing voices.

Voice of God: Non-seen speaking role for a person with a voice sounding 8-12 who is incredibly eloquent and witty and able to talk of the cuff.

Associated Personnel:

Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi

Opening Date: January 13th 2016

Compensation: YES


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