Seeking M/F Singers, Dancers and Actors for JCS Entertainment’s 2016 Musical Theatre Production (Closed)

Company: JCS Entertainment

Seeking: M/F Singers, Dancers, Actors 16-30 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Musical Theatre Production

Title: TBA

Tagline: JCS Entertainment will holding auditions for a New Spectacular Rhythmic Popping Locking Dabbin’ Musical Production in 2016!!!

Application Format: Live Audition

Audition Date: Saturday 9th January 2016


Location: St. Agnes Parish Church Hall, #20 Clarence Street,St. James.

Preparation: Participants MUST:

  1. PRE- REGISTER  HERE before the Audition
  2. Walk with a PRINTED head-shot and Performance Bio.
  3. Prepare an original singing and dancing interpretation of one of the following:

Bye, bye bye – N’Sync’ / ‘I want it that way – Backstreet Boys’ /‘One Thing – One Direction

Contact Info: 477-0772(868) 488-2330


Performers Must be between the ages of 16 – 30
Male Leads (Tenor) No Vibrato in voice
Possibly 1 Male Caucasian ‘Look-a-like’
Female Chorus (Soprano/Alto) No Vibrato in voice
Must be able to sing, dance and act
Must able to execute parts in harmony

Associated Personnel

The team that brought you ‘ Mahalia: A Gospel Musical

Production Opens: April 2016

Compensation: YES

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