Open Actor, Singer and Dancer Auditions for “Tell We A Story” (Closed)

Company: Spotlight Productions

Seeking: M/F Actors, Singers, Dancers, 12-30 y/o

For: Theatre Production

Title: “Tell We A Story”

Tagline: “Tell We A Story” is an original play based on local folklore. The plot surrounds the La Diablesse and her quest to find ‘true love.’

Audition Date: Saturday 9th January 2016

Application Format: Live Audition

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Location: St. Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando| Harris Promenade, San Fernando


  1. Prepare a two (2) minute monologue in Trinidadian Creole English
  2. Prepare a two (2) minute song selection that showcases range
  3. Walk with comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement (for dancing)
The dance audition begins promptly at 9AM. It is advised that everyone try out for this segment, however, it is not mandatory.

Contact Info:, (1868) 4996512

Production Opens: April 29th 2016




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