Seeking Actors & Singers for Short Film – Directed by Ian Stone (Closed)

Company: Necessary Arts

Seeking:  M/F Actors, Singers 10-65  y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Short Film

Title: Babylon

Application Format: Live Audition

DateSaturday 23rd January 2016

Time: 1PM – 5PM

Location: Necessary Arts | #44 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain (View Map)

Preparation: Instructions will be given at the Audition| Jamaican Accent An Asset

Contact Info: 334-4787(868) 754-6488

Character Breakdown:

Caspar: Boy (10-12) – small and wiry for age, alert, good-humored

Errol: Boy (12-14) – probably thinner, taller

Judge Byars (50’s) – male, distinguished, portly, aloof

Sgt Sargeant (30’s) – male, meticulous, fastidious, thick set, self-interested

Cpl Smith (20’s) – male, tall, lithe, fit, well groomed goon

Bones (20’s) – scripted as overweight (but not too much), sidekick

Lyrics (30) – probably Jamaican, but possible US African American

Pawn Shop Proprietor  (50’s) – male, suspicious, sallow – possibly Asian

Zacharias (50’s/ 60’s) – male, Rastafarian, heavy dreads

Hospital Intern (late 20’s) – male/female, could be Asian

Bus Driver (40’s/ 50’s) – male – impatient, out of shape

Ray – American tourist couple, mid-westerners

Beth – American tourist couple, mid-westerners

Jamaican Club Concierge (30/40’s) – male, prim, immaculate, slender, aloof

Church Choir Soloist (17) – female –prim

Clerk (30’s) – male, clean cut, slight build probably, fastidious, meticulous

Associated Personnel: 

Director: Ian Stone

Assistant Casting Director: Lineesha  Walter

Compensation: YES

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