Singing Auditions | Querencia Youth Choir (Closed)

Producer: Chandelier Productions

Seeking: M/F Singers  

For: Live Performance (Concert)

Title: Querencia Youth Choir

Description: Querencia, San Fernando’s newest youth choir is looking for passionate vocalists to join our choral revolution.  Directed by Michael Hudlin, Querencia seeks to give south’s young people a voice with many opportunities to perform across the country. We hope to see you at our upcoming auditions.

Application Format: Live Audition

DateSaturday 19th March 2016

Time: 10AM – 2PM

Location: Presentation College, San Fernando Music Room | 32-34 Coffee Street San Fernando. (View Map)

Preparation: Please prepare a short song that briefly showcases your range and musical ability. Call or email to confirm your attendance.

Contact Info: 295-7435

Associated Personnel: 

Producer: Tiana Chandler

Musical Director: Michael Hudlin

Opening Date: August 2016

Receive Audition Tips and the latest Casting Calls directly via email! CLICK HERE to Sign Up.




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