Film Auditions | Amour Désamour (Closed)

Producer: Dr Savrina Chinen, et al.

Seeking: Female Actors 13-45 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Feature Docu-Film

Title: Amour Désamour

Synopsis: Amour Désamour is a docu-film which explores gender and relationships through the fictional scenarios of seven (7) female characters from different social, economic and racial groups.

Academic Aim: The aim of this film is to stimulate discussions regarding gender and relationships. In keeping with academic mandates, the script-writers/directors will host a series of symposiums and workshops focused on the key themes highlighted within the film: gender, sexuality, HIV, rape, abuse, infidelity and arranged marriages

Application Format: Live Audition

DateMonday 11th April 2016

Time: 10AM- 5PM

Location: Room 306 Faculty of Humanities and Education | University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (View Map)

Preparation: Instructions will be given at the Audition

Contact Info: 304-0435

Character Breakdown:

A 20-25 year old Indo-Trinidadian female student
A 35 year old white Trinidadian woman
A 40-45 year old Afro Trinidadian woman
A 20-25 year old female Syrian
A 14 year old Chinese girl
A 40 year old bi racial mother
A 38 year old Chinese Trinidadian woman

Compensation: YES

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