Film Casting |Female Actors for Green Days By The River (Closed)

Company: Green Days Film Limited

Seeking: Female  Actors 15-25 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Feature Film

Title: “Green Days By The River” 

Genre: Drama/Coming of Age


(Based on a novel by Michael Anthony)

Fifteen-year-old Shell, the new boy in the village, naively navigates a love triangle between the attractive Indian girl ROSALIE, and the more personable JOAN. Though flattered by the friendship of Rosalie’s father, he focuses on becoming a man in the wake of his father’s terminal illness and will discover the difficult choices ahead. A provocative story about self-discovery and young love set against the lush backdrop of 1952 rural Trinidad

Audition Format: Online Submission

Preparation: Please submit your HEADSHOT and brief bio.

Submission Deadline: Thursday 21st April 2016 at 4pm

Contact Info: 752-1747

Character Breakdown:

  • ROSALIE (Female, Dougla/Indian Mixed, 14-18)

The pretty village ‘dougla’ girl who knows that she is sexy. With all the boys enthralled by her, she is more of an infatuation, a charming flirt with long dark curls. Jealousy may get the better part of her, when other girls capture the attention of the guys, particularly Shell

Associated Personnel:

Director: Michael Mooleedhar

Producer: Christian James

Shooting Begins: June/July 2016

Compensation: YES

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