TV Commercial Casting | Happy Fathers Day (Closed)

Producer/Company: Source It Advertising

Seeking: Fathers with their sons and/or daughters,  6-55 y/o 

For: TV Commercial

Title: Fathers Day

Synopsis: FATHER’S DAY is coming up and Source-It Advertising is casting several persons for different ads. Dad’s here is your chance to be in a commercial with your daughters or sons.

Application Format: Online Submission

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 15th June at 8AM

Preparation: Interested persons are asked to submit close up and full length photo with Father and son or Father and Daughter. Email must include the below info:

  • Name for each
  • Date of Birth for each
  • Present age of each
  • Contact numbers
  • Email addresses

Contact Info: 620-7890

Character Breakdown:

Father and daughter – 3 years old
Father and daughter -10 years old
Father and daughter – 20-22 years
Father and daughter – 26-29 years old
Father and daughter – 40-45 years old
Father and daughter – 50 -55 years old

Father and son – 4-5 years
Father and son 12 – 15 years
Father and son 19 – 21 years
Father and son – 29 – 30 years
Father and son – 33- 40 years
Father and son – 50 – 60 years

Associated Personnel: 

Casting Director: Sonya Hernandez

Compensation: YES

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2 thoughts on “TV Commercial Casting | Happy Fathers Day (Closed)

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