Dance Workshop | Latin Dance Styles with with La Corporación Artistica Bantú (Closed)

Host: Xplosent Inc Limited

Presents: Bantu Workshop

Discipline: Dance (Latin)

Skill Level:  Beginner

Workshop Description: Xplosent Inc Limited (Trinidad and Tobago) in collaboration with La Corporación Artistica Bantú (Colombia) will be having an intensive  dance workshop during the month of July.

La Corporación Artistica Bantú was founded in 2014 to offer a different approach to Casino in Colombia, and in the last two years the school has moved from strength to strength. Their focus has been on building a community of Casineros in Bogotá and were instrumental in uniting the 8 Bogotá academies to cooperate in EXPODANZA in May 2016, which was reported in the National News. They  teach both Casino partner work and Rueda de Casino, and focus on developing enjoyment of Cuban rhythms within a flexible, inclusive and fun-filled process which highlights rhythm, cadence, and authenticity.

Más que una academia, es una experiencia. (More than a school , it is a experience).

Duration: 9th-31th July 2016

Location: La Danse Caraibe | 32 Luis Street, Woodbrook , POS  [View Map]

Cost: $1200.00 (single) $2000.00 (couple)



Michelle (Left) and Jose (Right)

José David Castiblanco is a Colombian national, with degree training in Dance and Theatre from the Universidad Antonio Nariño de Colombia. He has danced with a number of companies in Colombia including the Colombian Ballet of Ligia Granados and the Traditional Folklore dance troop under the instruction and choreography of Delia Zapata Olivella (one of the Colombian greats in terms of traditional dance here). He is also a Zumba instructor (ZIN) . Several years ago he added Cuban Casino and Rueda to his dance repertoire and he gained great popularity as instructor in three Casino academies here in Colombia. Jose is currently an active member of Casino Para Todos, the only certified Casino Instructor Training course to be validated in Cuba, and is currently moving through the full three year certification process. Jose is the founder and artistic director of Bantú.

Michelle Coleman is a British national who grew up in the Caribbean, and she has been living in Colombia for over ten years. 15 years ago, with no prior formal training or experience of dancing, she began learning Casino and has studied Casino during those 15 years in numerous different academies both in Cuba and throughout Europe and Latin America. While proficient in Salsa on 1, Caleña salsa, and other tropical dances, Casino/Son/Contratiempo/Rueda have always been her first loves and the main focus of her study, expertise and teaching. Two years ago she completed her instructor training process with one of the oldest Casino academies in Colombia and since that time has been teaching both Colombian and expatriate students in both English and Spanish. She is also a current active member of ´Casino Para Todos´, and is currently moving through the full three year certification process. Michelle is the administrative director of Bantú.

Registration Period: 28th June 2016- 9th July 2016

Contact Info: 480-3349

Additional Info:

The workshop runs for four (4) weekends for two (2) hours each class on Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm-6pm. Refreshments will be provided at sessions. There will be a certificate obtained at the end of the course. If you do not wish to do the entire course there is an option to do two (2) weeks but no certificate will be issued.

There will be a FREE one day workshop on 6th July (Eid Holiday) 10AM at Atrawets Dance Studio, Upstairs JTA Supermarket, Couva Shopping Plaza, Couva. Email for further details.  


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