Theatre Audition | Seeking Male Actors for “A Story of Baby Doll” (Closed)

Producer/Company: Ayinde’s Chalkboard

Seeking: Male Actors 20-40 y/o 

For: Live Theatre (Workshop)

Title: “A Story of Baby Doll”

Synopsis: When  Baby Doll looks into the mirror at morning, before having shaved, it’s certainly a painful experience. But perhaps not in exactly the way you might imagine.The immediate reaction he gets from the reflection is a feeling of very strong disassociation, accompanied by a kind of shock, confusion, or mental jarring.  Actually, the shock is what he first notice at age eleven.

Doll  has a strong, gut-level sensation that whoever is behind the mirror is not real. This feels just as wrong and surreal as it would feel if someone played a trick on you, and replaced the bathroom mirror with a pane of glass with a pantomime behind it pretending to be you. his reflection in the morning feels like a mirage, feels alien, unreal, and very distant. It causes his eyes not to be able to focus; taking refuge in his thoughts rather than truly living.
Baby Doll experienced this all the time in her life, More so now than ever.

Application Format: Live Audition

DatesSunday 3rd July 2016 and Tuesday 5th July 2016

Times: 7:30PM – 9:00PM

Location: St. Joseph Community Center | Market Street, St. Joseph (View Map)

Preparation: Instructions will be given at the audition

Contact Info:, (1868) 345-3879

Associated Personnel: 

Director: Jabari Ayinde Taitt
Stage Manager: Neisha Thomas

Opening Date : 1st August 2016

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