Film Casting | Seeking Background Actors for Green Days By The River (Closed)

Company: Green Days Film Limited

Seeking: M/F Background Actors 

For: Feature Film

Title: “Green Days By The River” 

Genre: Drama/Coming of Age


Green Days by the River is one of the most best-loved works of Caribbean literature. Written by lauded Trinidadian author Michael Anthony in 1967, the book illuminates the formative years of a boy growing up on the island. This coming of age story has enthralled readers all over the world for decades, and it is now being brought to life .

For the first time, this beloved tale will be brought to film screens, introducing a whole new generation to the wonder of a country and a boy on the cusp of great change.

Audition Format: Online Submission

Preparation: Intersted persons are asked to email his/her  name, age, headshot photo, availability, and PHONE NUMBER to the address below and put “EXTRA/BACKGROUND ACTOR” in the subject line

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 20th July 2016 at 11:50PM

Contact Info:,

Associated Personnel:

Producer: Christian James
Director: Michael Mooleedhar
Screenplay by: Dawn Cumberbatch
Written by: Michael Anthony

Shooting Begins: 25th July 2016

Additional Information:

Production dates are July 25th-August 20. Background actors should be available to come in for approximately 5-10 of those days, and should be able to be on set given 2-3 day notice (or more in some cases). For compensation of your time, background actors will be provided food on their days of shooting, and some transportation, depending on the location of filming on that particular day. Additionally, for some of the more prominent background acting roles, your name will appear in the end credits.

The amount of positions are limited and preferred selection will be given those who are most available during our filming dates and in the order emails are received.

Positions will be secured most likely by telephone, which details of dates, locations, and times will be shared.



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