Dance Workshop | New Waves! South – A full day of open classes and workshops (Closed)

Host: Dance and Performance Institute, Trinidad & Tobago

Presents:  New Waves! SOUTH – A full day of open classes and workshops 

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Dates| Time: Wednesday 27th July 2016 | 10am – 5pm

Location: UTT Academy for the Performing Arts – South Campus [View Map]

Registration Cost: $50 per class

Workshops and Facilitators:  

10am -11:30am | MASTER CLASS: “Caribbean Dance”

ChrisCHRIS WALKER’s African Caribbean Dance classes are designed to expose and reaffirm the physical effects of African cultures in the Caribbean through detentions and continuities in traditional and folk music and dance of Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti and Trinidad. These core African aesthetic values are further reimagined and refashioned for popular dance and manipulated for contemporary dance expressions throughout the region. Dancers will be engaged in a process of exploring important characteristics of African Caribbean vocabulary as a means to understanding the technical mechanics necessary to safely and efficiently express a range of Caribbean movement from traditional to popular and contemporary expressions. These classes further highlight other important aesthetic elements of form through rhythms, songs, stories, and personal creative manipulation of movement.

11:30am -1pm | WORKSHOP: “Crebbice an Cahnah…”

We are a people used to making space for ourselves, hitching, kotching creating windows where there are none. How does this translate to the interior lives of our dancing bodies? In this experiential session we take choreosomatic approaches to moving breath through our crebbices and cahnahs to discover and release our natural whirls, wheels and waves of motion.

Neila EbanksNEILA EBANKS (MA, Physical Theatre) has created work for the HIP Festival of Black Dance (London) and performed in the UK with such companies as Bimba Dance Company and Foursight Theatre Company. Regionally, she has represented Jamaica as the first ever Dance recipient of the Commonwealth Connections Residency (which she undertook in Canada in 2012), at the Bienal de Danza del Caribe (2008), the Caribbean Educative Arts Festival (2010), COCO Dance Festival (2011) and the Tobago Contemporary Dance Festival (2013, 2015). In Jamaica, Neila shares her knowledge as teaching artist at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts and through the performance research collective eNKompan.E™, as Founding Director. With experience in Film and Media, she has appeared on nationally televised Cultural and Arts programs, as a judge and host, and is still, today, recognised as a face of Jamaica’s dance scene. Ebanks has twice been nominated for an International Theatre Institute Actor Boy Award for Choreography (2005, 2006) and in October 2009, directed her own physical theatre production PSSST! for the EMCVPA School of Drama. From 2009 to 2016, Neila has been an invited presenter for the Philip Sherlock Centre of the Creative Arts’ Jamaica Dance Umbrella, where this year she co-curated the Moving Minds Museum™ through eNKompan.E™ with Kim-Lee Campbell, launching their newly formed NGO OneAnatomy™. Having worked with many of Jamaica’s major dance companies, Neila also has a diverse performance, choreography and research portfolio with collaborations spanning continents, becoming well-acquainted with a number of dance figures in the English-speaking Caribbean, creating works with Continuum Dance Project (Trinidad), KasheDance (Canada) and most recently as co- choreographer with Tove Degn in Denmark. Additionally, Ebanks is a member of the syllabus writing team for the newly launched CAPE Performing Arts curriculum.

1:30pm – 3pm | Contemporary Dance with Makeda Thomas

MakedaDescribed as belonging to that new breed of contemporary artists, ‘the postmodern African Diasporan dancer-scholar whose work goes beyond stereotype and the market appetite for clichés regarding the black dancing body’, MAKEDA THOMAS has created several works through cross-disciplinary collaboration with artists around the world. Her choreography, films and site-specific work has been presented internationally at HARLEM Stage/Aaron Davis Hall, Teatro Africa, Mozambique, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York Live Arts, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, CCA7, Port of Spain, and Teatro de la Ciudad, Mexico with awards and commissions from Creative Capital, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation,and 651 ARTS Black Dance: Tradition & Transformation; among others. Thomas is the Founding Director of the Trinidad-based Dance & Performance Institute

 3:30pm – 5pm | “LABYRINTH” with Artist-in-Residence with Fana Fraser 

LAByrinth honours the powerful, intuitive and knowing voice of *EVERY BODY*. Using durational improvisations and theatre games, LAB is designed to explore physical storytelling impulses. LAB is a space to listen deeply to the intricate bacchanal of the body. A space for curiosity, imagination and disruption. For DOUBT and compassion. Shedding and festering. For stillness. For rebirth and rooting, blooming. For macoing…YES! and straight talk. A space for wildness. For madness. For something, anything, nothing. LAB is open to everyone. Come in and join Fana as she continues to experiment with her creative process for Rosie.

FanaBorn and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, FANA FRASER is a performer living in New York City. She began her dance training at Caribbean School of Dancing and is an Honors graduate of the Ailey/Fordham BFA Dance program. Currently, she works with Camille A. Brown & Dancers and Ryan McNamara. Her performance work has been presented at the Emerging Artists Theatre’s “Best of New Works Series” and at the BAAD!ASS WOMEN Festival. Fana has performed with Ailey II, Sidra Bell Dance NY, The Francesca Harper Project, The Metropolitan Opera, Andrea Miller for Hermès, and with Ryan McNamara for Performa 13, Art Basel Miami 2014, and Guggenheim Works & Process 2016. She has worked as a rehearsal assistant for Darrell Grand Moultrie and has been featured on popular web seriesDance(212) and digital commercials for Google Wallet, Twitter, and Triluc. Fana is also currently developing a collection of visual media, flamingos on the ceiling.

Registration Period: On the day at the location

Contact Info:, (868) 301-9117


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