Cultural Workshop | Moko with Jhawhan Thomas (Closed)

Host: Dance and Performance Institute, Trinidad & Tobago

Presents:  Moko Workshop with Jhawhan Thomas

Dates| Time: Thursday 28th July 2016 | 1pm – 4pm

Location: Dragon Keylemanjahro School for Arts & Culture

Registration Cost: $100


jahJhawhan Thomas won the title of King of Carnival in 2008 for his portrayal with Pandemic Rage and placed 3rd this year’s for his performance, “Ras Nijinsky as Anna Pavlova in ‘The Dying Swan’” designed by legendary masman Peter Minshall. Thomas has developed a course for New Waves! 2016 that explores his distinct approach to the practice of moko jumbie dance.

His description: This course requires spirit and sneakers. Class begins on 2’ stilts and progresses to 4’/5’. The history of moko jumbie throughout the African diaspora – beginning with the Congo and arriving at Trinidad & Tobago – is explored, as is the role of spirituality in the performance of Moko. Participants will walk, step, learn how to fall, do core and leg exercises; come to understand the power of the moko jumbie and meaning of “the vengeance of the moko”.

Registration Period: On the day at the location

Contact Info: , (868) 301-9117


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