TV Series Casting | Seeking Extras for Plain Sight (Closed)

Producers: Danielle Dieffenthaller and Michael Mosca

Seeking: M/F Extras 

For: TV Series 

Title: Plain Sight

Logline: Set on an idyllic island, where danger lurks and criminals hide in Plain Sight, a murder opens a Pandora’s box of events with far-reaching implications.

Seeking Extras for a Plain Sight being filmed on Sunday 25th September 2016 at Piarco International Airport from 6AM. The shoot should take about four (4) hours.

Application Format: Online Submission

Submission Deadline: Saturday 24th September 2016 at 9PM

Preparation: Interested persons are asked to contact the Extras Coordinator via the phone number listed below.

Contact Info: 7107491

Associated Personnel: 

Director: Danielle Dieffenthaller

Writers: Mervyn de Goeas  & Danielle Dieffenthaller

Extras Coordinator: Ingle Watson

Shooting Begins: Sunday 25th September 2016 6AM


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