Singing Auditions | Calling Female Singers for Brian Mac Farlene’s Christmas Joy (Closed)

Producer: Brian Mac Farlene

Seeking: Female Singers 

For: Live Performance

Title: Brian Mac Farlene’s Christmas Joy 2016


A joyous extravaganza featuring the very best Christmas music. From the 1st – 11th December, Brian Mac Farlene will be staging Christmas Joy 2016 at the National Academy of the Performing Arts,  under the musical direction of Richard Pierre.

Rehearsals are already underway but the production team is seeking young, energetic female singers who move well to join the cast. Applicants should be able to read music OR learn music quickly.

Application Format: Online Submission

Submission Deadline: Friday 30th September 2016 at 4PM

Preparation: Interested persons are required to send an email with the subject line ‘Brian Mac Farlene’s Christmas Joy’to contact below, along following information:

  • 1 Close Up Photo
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Present age
  • Voice Type (Soprano, Alto etc)
  • Contact number

Contact Info: [contact info removed]

Associated Personnel: 

Musical Director: Richard Pierre

Opening Date: 1st December 2016

Compensation: YES

This casting notice was submitted by: Triston Wallace

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