Film Auditions | Seeking M/F Actors for Horror-Crime-Mind (South Auditions) [CLOSED]

Producer/Company: FIXERfilm Limited

Seeking: M/F Actors 15-50 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For:  Feature Film


Logline: Three [3] films that tell stories with a horror, crime and psychological concept

Application Format: Live Audition

Date: Saturday 5th November 2016

Time: 1PM – 6PM

Location: Legends Sports Bar | Agard Road, Point Fortin

Character Breakdown:

Genre: Horror/Thriller
Synopsis: Two [2] hikers get lost and stumble upon a mystical forest, where the line between reality and folklore becomes blurred.


  • Neal: 24-29- Athletic built, charming personality
  • Alyssa: 21-25, Athletic, studious look, vibrant personality

N.b. Characters must be able to portray a range of emotions

Genre: Crime/Thriller
Synopsis: A man living on the other side of the law fights with his internal demons…only one will win


  • Larry: 18-20, brooding personality, tall, slim
  • Announcer:Female/Male
  • Man#1
  • Man #2
  • Young Boy

Genre: Inspirational/drama
Synopsis: An autistic young man exists only within his world, until he finds out that love has a special frequency.

Main Characters:

  •  Andre: 18-20, tall, slim built, ability to tell a story/portray emotion  with only facial expressions
  • Mr. Singh: Late 40s, slim built, ability personify a ‘grumpy old man’ look
  • Debbie: Late 40s, colourful personality
  • Three [3] Boys: 10-15yrs old
  • Customer: 25-30 yrs old, Male, brackish personality

Preparation: Not interested in Theatre style Acting- Let your performance be as natural as possible. Further instructions will be given at the audition.

Contact Info: 356-7753(868) 271-2633

Associated Personnel: 

Writers & Directors: Annisia Cadogan & Leslie Ann Wills-Caton

Shooting Begins: 17th December 2016

Compensation: YES


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