Theatre Auditions | AIDA the Musical (Closed)

Producer/Company: Presentation College Mixed Choir

Seeking: M/F Singers, Dancers, Actors, Acrobats 11 -18 y/o

For: Live Performance (Theatre) 

Title: Aida the Musical

Synopsis: Aida, an enslaved Nubian princess, becomes romantically entangled with the Egyptian captain, Radames, who is betrothed to the Pharaoh’s daughter, Amneris. As their forbidden love grows deeper, Aida is forced to find balance between her heart’s yearning for Radames, and her responsibility to lead her people.

Application Format: Live Audition

Dates: Friday 24th March, 2017 & Friday 31st March, 2017

Time: 3:30pm – 6:00pm (Both Days)

Location: Presentation College, San Fernando [Music Room] (View Map)

Preparation: Come prepared to show us how you can act, sing and move.

Interested persons may prepare any song (preferably one from the musical Aida) to perform at the audition.  Further instructions will be given at the Audition.

All applicants are required to register before attending the live audition.


Character Breakdown:

Aida: (Female Lead ) A brave Nubian Princess who is loyal to her people but is torn between her heritage and love for an Egyptian Captain. Daughter of King Amonasro.

Radames: (Male Lead) An Egyptian Captain and the son of Zoser. A strong, handsome, adventurous soldier who falls in love with Aida.

Amneris: (Female Supporting) A materialistic Egyptian Princess who is the betrothed of Captain Radames. Daughter of the Pharaoh.

Mereb: (Male Supporting) A young Nubian slave and servant to Radames. He is faithful to his Nubian heritage and befriends Aida upon her arrival to Egypt.

Zoser: (Male Supporting) The manipulative and evil Chief Minister hungry for power. He attempts to poison the Pharaoh and is father to Radames.

Pharaoh: (Male Featured) The Leader of Egypt and father to Amneris. An older, distinguished gentleman.

Nehebka: (Female Featured) A Nubian slave who is friendly with Aida. She creates a robe for the Nubian Princess.

Amonasro: (Male Featured) An honorable and peaceful man who is imprisoned by Egypt. The King of Nubia and father to Aida.

Ensemble: (Male and Female Ensemble) Ministers; Soldiers; Egyptian Men; Palace Women; Nubians; Guards

Associated Personnel: 

Producer: Cynthia Lee Mack
Musical Director: Peter Lockhart
Director: Dexter Crawford
Choreographer: Triston Wallace

Opening Date: October 2017

Contact Info:, (868) 760-9946

This casting notice was submitted by: Dexter Crawford

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