Short Film Casting | Death by Ryan Figuera (Closed)

Company: Ink and Mirrors

Seeking: M/F Actors 21-60 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Short Film Competition  | My Rode Reel

Title: Death 

Tagline: If you could ask Death one question, what would it be?

Application Format: Online Submission

Submission Deadline: Thursday 27th April, 2017 at 7:00pm

Preparation:  Interested Persons are required to submit their Actor reel (If available) a few headshots and contact information via the portal below.


Character Breakdown:

Actresses: Various ages, main actress must have long flowing hair.

Actor: Old preferably, can be young once acting is sufficient.

Associated Personnel: 

Director/Writer: Ryan Figuera

Shooting Begins: 30th April 2017

This casting notice was submitted by: Ryan Figuera



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