Arts Camp | Performance Town (Closed)

Host: Performance Town

Presents: Performance Town 2017

For: Children and Teens (3-18 y/o)

Disciplines: Drama, Dance, Music, Arts and Craft, Pan

Duration: 17th July – 18th August 2017

Dates | Times: Mondays – Thursdays  9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Camp Description: Performance Town is a theatre camp that was conceptualized and is managed by students and graduates of the UTT Academy of the Performing Arts. Using drama and the performing arts as a tool, campers are taught  valuable life skills such as conflict resolution, teamwork, trust, expression, confidence and respect, while ensuring that the camp experience is as fun and entertaining as it is educational.

Location: UTT APA at the National Academy for the Performing Arts | #13 Keate Street, Port of Spain

Camp Director:  Levee Rodriguez

levee headshotLevee Rodriguez holds BFA in Performing Arts from the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Academy for the Performing Arts, and was recently seen as “Briscoe” in UTT and The National Theatre Arts Company’s production of “Man Better Man.”

Mr. Rodriguez is also a certified mediator in conflict resolution, a graduate of Necessary Arts School 14th cycle, and the acting teacher at Rosemand’s Academy of the Performing Arts.

Levee believes that he teaches acting not to make his students better actors, but equipping them with a neceessay coping mechanism for life which in turn, makes them better people.

Cost: $50 (Registration) + $450

Registration Opens: 30th June – 28th July 2017

Registration Location: [Same as Camp Location]

Contact: (868) 372-3878

Camp information submitted by: Levee Rodriguez



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