Arts Camp | Harmonic School of Music Summer Arts Camp (Closed)

Host: Harmonic School of Music

Presents: Harmonic School of Music Summer Arts Camp

For: Children and Teens (5-13 y/o)

Disciplines: Drama, Dance, Music, Singing, Arts and Craft

Duration: 10th July – 11th August 2017

Dates | Times: Mondays – Fridays  8:30AM to 3PM

Camp Description: Theatre arts and cultural studies will be the mediums through which campers will learn to say no to drugs, bullying and peer pressure. Campers will learn how to respect persons who are differently able and co-operate with their peers. They will learn signing, percussion, steel pan, music theory, dance, acting, craft and visual arts. Guests in the fields would visit to conduct interactive learning sessions with campers. There will be field trips to NAPA, the National Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the NIHERST.

Location: La Puerta Government Primary School | Broome Street & Four Roads La Puerta, Diego Martin

Camp Director:  Lesedi Felix

Lesedi FelixLesedi Felix is the holder of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Performing Arts from the University of Trinidad and Tobago, where he served as the Executive Student Guild . He is currently pursuing his Masters of Arts in Carnival Studies at the same institution.

Cost: $600

Registration Opens: 10th July – 12th July 2017

Registration Location: [Same as Camp Location]

Contact: 343-4509(868) 494-0146

Camp information submitted by: Lesedi Felix



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