TV Casting | Make Over For Mom (Closed)

Casting Agency: Source It Advertising

Seeking: Mothers (See Character Breakdown)

Character Breakdown: Looking for Single or Married Mothers with 2 kids ages 7 – 20 years

For:  TV Series (Documentary)

Title: Make Over for Mom

Description: Does your mom never seem to have time to do her hair, go for a pedicure or just have time for herself? Is she always rushing about doing something for you?

Is your mom always running around doing chores and picking up everyone from all their extracurricular activities? Does your mom have a one pattern week after week: Work…home…kids…cook…work…home…kids…cook?

Do you think your mom deserves to be on our TV Production documentary of “A Makeover for Mom”?

Application Format: Online Submission

Submission Deadline: Friday  20th April 2018 | 2PM

Preparation:  Interested persons are asked to submit a short paragraph of why you think YOUR MOM deserves this makeover.

You must submit the following:
1 – Short paragraph of why your mother deserves this make over
2 – Need 1 close up and 1 full length photo of your mom
3- Fill out the info below

  • Name of person submitting
  • Name of Mother
  • Date of Birth of mother
  • Present age of mother
  • Contact number for person submitting
  • Email address you check often – person submitting


Production Credits: 

Casting Director: Sonya Hernandez

This casting notice was submitted by: Sonya Hernandez



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