Film Casting | She Paradise (Short Film) (Closed)

Director: Maya Cozier

Seeking: Female Actors, Dancers 18-27 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Short Film

Title: She Paradise

Synopsis: A teenage girl tries to fit into a free-spirited sisterhood of dancers, leading to alluring but unsettling encounters with nightlife and money.

Application Format: Online Submission

Submission Deadline: Thursday 10th May, 2018 | 6PM

Character Breakdown:

Sparkle- A young girl filled with curiosity, wit and ambition. She starts off as a fly on the wall but that quickly changes after she meets Diamond.

Diamond- “HBIC” of a “collective” of young female dancers who rules with loyalty.

Mica- The fun loving creative.

Shan – The focused business like dancer who doesn’t care for the drama.

Preparation:  Interested persons are asked to submit two photos of themselves, one (1) close up, one (1) full length (no shades or hats worn in photos). Along with the following info:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Present age
  • Contact number
  • Email address you check often


Additional Info: Excerpts from the script will be provided via email prior to the audition date.

Production Credits: 

Producer: Marie-Elena Joseph

Casting Director: Shari Petti

Shooting Begins:  9th June, 2018

Compensation: YES

This casting notice was submitted by: Shari Petti

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