Theatre Audition | How to Get Away With Horn [Virtual Dramatic Reading] (Closed)

Production Company: The National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago

Seeking: M/F Actors,  20 – 60 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Annual New Play Festival

Title: How to Get Away With Horn ( Dramatic Reading via Zoom )

Play Synopsis: Nekeda’s careful eye and diligent analysis of romantic relationships gives her expert insight on how to avoid the pitfalls of being caught cheating on your partner. This makes her the perfect horner woman. Do you want to know her secret? Listen as she uses the stories around her to give you ten full proof rules for getting away with horn.

Character Breakdown:


  • Scott – mid-late 30s. Laid back, ‘doh care’, “govament’ worker”. Unhappily married.
  • Miguel Anderson – mid 30s. Desiree’s subservient and slightly crazy husband.  ‘a lil bit mooksy’
  • Otty aka John Walcott – mid 30s. Romantic, sly. A ‘Saga Boy’. Likes plenty woman
  • Daniel – mid-late 20s. Soft spoken, romantically confused. Newly married to Kerry but his heart lies elsewhere


  • Nekeda – mid 20s. Cynical and Meticulous. Does regular YouTube Vlog Tips.
  • Candy – late 20s-early 30s. Reserved, Judgmental, Keeps up appearances. Shady
  • Desiree Anderson – 40s -50s. Married upper class woman, rich and entitled.  Speaks standard English
  • Joanna – mid-late 20s. Desiree’s sister, Openly lesbian sarcastic.
  • Kerry – mid–late 20s. Sassy, confident and newly married to Daniel and intends to keep him.
  • Shania – early-mid 20s. Is obviously very fertile, doh make joke about collecting child support… she’ll find you.

Application Format: Virtual Audition (Sign up required)

Date: Friday 27th August 2021

  • Sign up Deadline: 3PM
  • Virtual Auditions: 7PM

The auditions will take the form of a virtual ‘Table Read’ via Zoom.

NOTE: If you have already accepted a role in a play being read at the Dramatic Readings, please do not apply

Preparation: Interested persons are asked to submit ONE (1) CLOSE UP and ONE (1) FULL-LENGTH photo of themselves (No hats or sunglasses. You face must be clearly visible),  along with the following info:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Email Address
  • Talent Resume (if you have one)
  • Performance Reel (if you have one)

Once you complete your online application, you will receive a response with the link to the Zoom meeting. Further instructions will be given at the audition.

Production Credits:

Playwright: Niques Francois

Director: Ronald Amoroso

Casting Director: Triston Wallace

Festival Coordinator: Safa Niamat-Ali

Key Dates:

Zoom Rehearsals:

  • Saturday 28th August | 6pm – 9pm
  • Sunday 29th August  | Time: TBD (4hrs)

Performance Begins: Wednesday 1st September, 2021 | 7PM

Additional Information: Actors cast for this dramatic reading will assist the playwright in developing her work further, to be considered for final presentation at the Annual New Play Festival (NPF) in November.

Participation in the Dramatic Reading will be voluntary. Compensation will be offered for the November performances, should this play be selected for advancement in the festival.

This casting notice was submitted by: Triston Wallace

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