Film Casting | Documentary Re-enactment (Closed)

Production Company: Brown Cotton Outreach

Seeking: M/F Actors, 9 – 40 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Documentary Re-enactment

Description: International Documentary based on Trinidad history 1950s – 1970s.

Character Breakdown:


  • Female Role: 25 – 40 y/o. Fair complexion; of European descent


  • Male Role: 25 – 40 y/o. Fair complexion; Afro Trinbagonian
  • Male Roles: 25 – 40 y/o. Dark complexion; Afro Trinbagonian; Has a beard
  • Male Role: 25 – 40 y/o. Dark complexion; Indo-Trinbagonian; Has a beard


  • Young Character: Male, 9 – 13 y/o. Fair complexion; Afro Trini/Mixed
  • Young Characters: Male, 9 – 13 y/o. Dark complexion; Afro Trinbagonian

NOTE: Selected candidates will be required to take a PCR COVID-19 test before shooting. The production will cover the cost of the PCR test.

Application Format: Online Submission

Deadline: Thursday 9th September 2021 | 8PM

Preparation: Interested persons are asked to submit ONE (1) CLOSE UP and ONE (1) FULL-LENGTH photo of themselves (No hats or sunglasses. You face must be clearly visible).

  • Name
  • Height
  • Contact number
  • Email Address
  • Talent Resume (if you have one)
  • Performance Reel (if you have one)

Production Credits:

Casting Director: Louris Martin Lee-Sing

Shooting Begins: 16th September, 2021

Compensation: $500 TTD – $1,500 TTD depending on role. (one time payment)

Additional Information: All COVID-19 Protocols will be observed during shooting.

This casting notice was submitted by: Louris Martin Lee-Sing

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