Ad Casting | M/F Actors + Real Families for Regional Food/Beverage Brand [Closed]

Producer: Sean Hodgkinson

Seeking: M/F Actors and Families  8 – 65+ y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: TV/Print/ Social Media Ad

Client: Regional Food/Beverage Brand

Character Breakdown:

  • REAL FAMILY: Mixed-Race family comprising of a mother figure (30s – 40s), father figure (30s – 40s) and two children.

  • Female Actor #1: 30s – 40s. Expressive Face (Afro-Caribbean/Mixed or ethnically ambiguous)
  • Female Actor #2: 50s – 65+ y/o. Expressive Face. (Afro-Caribbean/Mixed or ethnically ambiguous)
  • Male Actor: Male, 30s – 40s. Expressive Face. (Afro-Caribbean/Mixed or ethnically ambiguous)
  • Child Actors: M/F, 8 – 17 y/o. Expressive Faces. (Afro-Caribbean/Mixed or ethnically ambiguous)

Note: Applications are open to all, but we are ideally looking for persons belonging to the same family.

Application Format: Online Submission

Deadline: Thursday 26th May 2022 | 11:50 PM

Preparation: Interested persons are asked to submit ONE (1) CLOSE UP and ONE (1) FULL-LENGTH photo of themselves (No hats, sunglasses, masks or filters. You face must be clearly visible).

Persons applying on behalf of their family should also include at least one family portrait.

  • Name
  • Height
  • Contact number
  • Email Address
  • Talent Resume (if you have one)
  • Performance Reel (if you have one)
If you already submitted an application for THIS CASTING CALL, there is no need to submit to this one. Your application is already being considered.

Production Credits:

Producer: Sean Hodgkinson

Director: Ryan C. Khan

Casting Director: Triston Wallace

Casting Asst: Le-Ann Joseph

Shooting Begins: Late May – Early June, 2022

Compensation: $1,000 TTD – $4,000 TTD depending on role (one time payment)

This casting notice was submitted by: Triston Wallace

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