TV Casting | Mixed Up – an On Set Production [Closed]

Executive Producer(s): Trinidad and Tobago Film Company | TTT Limited

Seeking: M/F Actors, 7 – 65+ y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: TV Series | Sitcom

Title: Mixed Up

Synopsis: This is no ordinary family… or is it? A mixed family of an Indo-Trinbagonian wife, an Afro-Trinbagonian husband and their ethnically mixed children must make their way through challenges faced in everyday life in Trinidad and Tobago. Mix in a free-spirited sister of the husband and conservative grandmothers from both sides, and there is a culture clash at times that takes an audience on a humorous and insightful look at family values in contemporary Trinidad and Tobago.

Character Breakdown:


  • DAVID WILSON: Male, 30s – Mid 40s, of Afro Trinbagonian descent. David is the husband of Anaisha. He is a Chef who works from home and has a fairly successful Youtube Channel “Cooking With David” and catering business. He is much more relaxed than his wife about approaching issues and tries his best to be the “you can tell me anything dad” in his relationship with his children, though not always successfully.
  • DANIEL WILSON: Male, Mid – Late teens. Afro-Caribbean or Dougla/Mixed. Daniel is more conservative than his older sister Riya in some ways. He is a whizz on the computer and is heavily into gaming as well as football. He is strong enough in personality to stand up to his elder sister but is vulnerable in other ways that can make him seem somewhat of a nerd and introvert.


  • ANAISHA DEOSINGH WILSON: Female, 30s – Mid 40s, of Indo Trinbagonian descent. Anaisha is the wife of David Wilson. Her religious upbringing is Hindu even though she is not now a practitioner of the religion. She is progressive in spirit and organized and somewhat meticulous. She has a degree in IT and lectures at UWI (University of the West Indies). She is the balance to her somewhat erratic and less organized husband.
  • RIYA WILSON: Female, Mid teens – Early 20s, Dougla/Mixed. Riya is the eldest of the Wilson children. Riya is now in Form 5 and has no interest in going on to Form 6 or university. Free spirited and loyal to the family. She has been enrolled in dance school since she was 5 years old. Dance capability will be an asset.
  • ARIELLE WILSON: Female, 7 – 10 y/o, Dougla/Mixed. Arielle is the youngest of the Wilson clan. She is bright, has the indications of being very independent and certainly knows how to navigate her way between her two siblings.
  • FATIMA DEOSINGH: Female, 50s – 65+ y/o, Indo Trinbagonian. Fatima is the mother of Anaisha. She is conservative in values and is a practitioner of the Hindu religion. She is married to Vishnu Deosingh and is very steadfast in her views that can sometimes complicate her relationship with her daughter Anaisha. Her relationship with her son-in-law is at best a work in progress. She is a retired public servant.
  • SYLVIA WILSON: Female, 50s – 65+ y/o, Afro-Trinbagonian. Sylvia is the mother of David and a successful businesswoman who sells elegant mature clothing. She is an avid practitioner of the Christian and Orisha faiths, is steadfast in her views and certainly does not hold back on her opinion in any situation. She gets along with her daughter-in-law but her mother, not so much.
  • ALANA WILSON: Female, Early – Late 30s. Afro-Trinbagonian. Alana is the sister of David and daughter of Sylvia. She is very attractive, stylish, and certainly not afraid to express her opinion in defense of injustice. She is a Creative Director at an advertising agency, and knows how to navigate both grandmothers


  • ADDITIONAL ROLES: Gender Non-Specific. Any Age, Any Ethnicity. Opportunities for Day Player, Bit Part and Background/Extra Roles.

Duty of Care: All talent submissions will be considered however, to ensure the health and safety of the cast and crew, it is preferred that applicants be FULLY VACCINATED.

Application Format: Online Submission

Deadline: Saturday 24th September, 2022 | 6PM

Preparation: Interested persons are asked to submit ONE (1) CLOSE UP and ONE (1) FULL-LENGTH photo of themselves (No hats, sunglasses, masks or filters. Your face must be clearly visible).

  • Name
  • Height
  • Contact number
  • Email Address
  • Talent Resume (if you have one)
  • A short video introducing yourself and describing why you’re interested in this project. (Don’t be afraid to show your personality)

NOTE: Please review the VIDEO SUBMISSION GUIDELINES below before recording your Introduction Video. Entries that do not include the Video Submission in the manner prescribed will not be acknowledged.

CLICK HERE for Video Submission Guidelines

Production Credits:

Creator/Showrunner: Richard Ragoobarsingh

Casting Director: Triston Wallace

Casting Asst(s): Darielle Allard, Anil Singh, Le-Ann Joseph

Shooting Begins: September, 2022 in 2023

Compensation: $500 TTD – $2,000 TTD per episode (depending on role)

This casting notice was submitted by: Triston Wallace

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