Now Hiring | Resident Dancers [Closed]

Employer: Tobago Performing Arts Company

Job Title: Resident Dancers

Employment Status: Full Time (Contract)

Job Summary:

The incumbent is required to engage in the training and development, outreach, and performance work of the TPAC and all other duties relevant to the position; develop technical skills and artistic competencies through elements of dance education and complimentary performing arts training through an interdisciplinary approach.

REPORTS TO: Movement and Dance Coordinator

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Key Duties:

  • Maintains the health and safety of others, which requires knowledge, application and
    observation of physiology and anatomy.
  • Engages in weekly training programs as well as rehearsals in preparation for
  • Performs for live audiences and for television and film productions.
  • Engages in the creation of dance and movement works.
  • Discusses and interprets choreography.
  • Identifies and develops a secondary skill within the TPAC such as: acting, singing, or
    playing an instrument.
  • Undertakes company promotional activities and special projects.
  • Provides technical and artistic support to stakeholders.
  • Attends ongoing training sessions, laboratories, workshops, and clinics
  • Reflects on and evaluate their work and the work of others
  • Performs other related duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:


  •  Knowledge of the artistry and aesthetics of dance and
  • Proficiency in the awareness of the local and national cultural
    forms and festivals; identifies.


  • Ability to align the TPAC’s purpose, mission and vision to practice as a performing artist
  • Ability to use experience within the performing arts; performance history, choreographic works, prizes and awards, in order to contribute to performing arts
  • Ability to use knowledge and understanding of the dance genre; business for dance with the importance of training and development in various aspects of the field/industry.
  • Ability to articulate on local cultural forms, local and national festivals and the importance of cultural and performing arts development.
  • Ability to developing artistic and technical skills
  • Ability to develop and maintain discipline within a professional, creative working environment


  • A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance or related discipline.
  • A minimum of five (5) years progressive and consistent performance experience and training in traditional folk and contemporary dance.
  • A combination of qualifications and training will be considered.

Compensation: Standard with Government rate

Frequency: Monthly

How to Apply:

To be considered, interested persons are required to submit the following:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address (the one you check often)
  • Cover Letter & Resume
  • Relevant Academic Documents (Please upload all documents into one file)

Deadline: Monday 9th January, 2022 | 4PM

Commitment: Long Term Engagement (3 years in the first instance)

This vacancy was submitted by: Kifaaya James

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