Web Series Casting | Seeking M/F Actors for “Annexation” [Closed]

Production Company: K.O Media Productions

Seeking: M/F, 18 – 28 y/o actors (See Character Breakdown)

For: Web Series

Genre: Action, Drama, Folk/Fantasy

Title: Annexation

Description: As a society tries to adjust to the rule of foreign invaders, a group of people brought together by an unlikely ally, begin the fight for freedom.

Character Breakdown:


  • MARK: Male, 18 – 28 y/o. Stoic leader with anger issues. Will be required to be physically active. Athletic built, any ethnicity.
  • STARK: Male, 18 – 28 y/o. Boastful and confident does not play well with others. Athletic built, any ethnicity.
  • CHRIS: Male , 18 – 28 y/o. Reserved and passive does not seek vengeance or violence. Any built, any ethnicity.


  • CLOVER: Female, 18 – 28 y/o. Will be required to be physically active. Shy and timid but can get crazy when pushed. Slim built, any ethnicity.
  • ABIGAIL: Female, 18 – 28 y/o. Overly happy-go-lucky, optimistic and cheerful. Any built, any ethnicity

Application Format: Online Submission

Deadline: Saturday 4th February 2023 | 10:30 AM

Preparation: Interested persons are asked to submit ONE (1) CLOSE UP and ONE (1) FULL-LENGTH photo of themselves (no hats or sunglasses. Your face must be clearly visible) along with the following info:

  • Name
  • Height
  • Contact number
  • Email Address
  • Talent Resume (if you have one)
  • Demo Reel (if you have one)

Production Credits:

Director : Stephano Smith
Writer: Don Trotman
Production Manager: Renuka Singh

Shooting Begins: 1st March 2023

Compensation: No (Volunteer Production)

Additional Information: Refreshments and Transportation where needed will be available.

This casting notice was submitted by: Stephano Smith

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