Theatre Audition | Raja Chauhan [Closed]

Producer: Parsan Productions

Seeking: M/F Actors, Voice Actors 18 – 55 y/o (See Character Breakdown)

For: Live Performance (Musical Theatre)

Title: Raja Chauhan

Synopsis : Prithviraj Chauhan, was a Rajput warrior king of the Chauhan clan of rulers who established the strongest kingdom in Rajasthan, India. In the course of his aggressive campaigns, he came into conflict with Jayachandra, the Gahadavala ruler of Kannauj.  There, a romance was sparked between him and his enemy’s daughter.

Character Breakdown:


  • Prithviraj Chauhan : Male, 28 – 38 y/o. An arrogant prince. Ultimately wishes for the good of all, but can come across as aloof, conceited and haughty.
  • Raja Jaichand : Male, 35 – 55 y/o. King of Kannauj who ruled over most of North East India. A fierce warrior, and the last most powerful king of his dynasty
  • Mohammed Gori : Male, 35 – 55 y/o. The sultan of the Ghurid empire who laid the foundation for the invasion of the Muslims into Northern India
  • Raja Someshwara : Male, 35 – 55 y/o. Father of Prithviraj Chauhan. Stoic but thoughtful. Can be harsh at times, but is very compassionate to his subjects.
  • Bhuvan Kamal : Male, 35 – 55 y/o. The Chief Minister, cousin of Prithviraj Chauhan, and nephew of Rani Karapura Devi. Has a strong sense of duty and very loyal to Chauhan. He is a bit of a comedian, but a fierce warrior.
  • Kanauj Minister : Male, 35 – 55 y/o. The advisor and general manager of security for Raja Jaichand. Loyal and dedicated.
  • Guards : Male, any age
  • Grooms : Male, 18+


  • Narrator : Female, 30 – 60 y/o. A mature female voice. A strong orrator.
  • Rani Karapura Devi : Female, 35 – 55 y/o. The mother of Prithviraj Chauchan. Quiet and soft spoken, but demading when she needs to be.
  • Rani Sangati: Female, 35 – 55 y/o. The queen of Kannauj, wife of Raja Jaichand, and the mother of Samyukta. She hails from a family of extreme royalty in the southern parts of India, and believes that duty and honour should trump emotions at all times.
  • Roopmati : Female, 18 – 30 y/o. Young, nosy and playful in nature. Very loyal to Samyukta. Enjoys getting dressed up and dancing. A handmaiden.
  • Kanchan : Female, 18 – 30 y/o. Young, nosy and playful in nature. Very loyal to Samyukta. Enjoys getting dressed up and dancing. A handmaiden.

Application Format: Live Audition (Online Submission required) 

Audition Dates | Time: Sunday 5th + 12th March 2023 | 10AM – 7PM

Location: Filmco Head Office |  22 Jerningham Ave, Port of Spain [VIEW MAP]

Preparation: Interested persons are asked to submit ONE (1) CLOSE UP and ONE (1) FULL-LENGTH photo of themselves (No hats or sunglasses. You face must be clearly visible),  along with the following:

  • Name
  • Height
  • Contact number
  • Email Address
  • Talent Resume (if you have one)

Production Credits: 

Director: Dr. Neera Parsan
Producer: Parsan Productions
Manager: Ms. Varuna Parsan

Performance Begins: July, 2023

Compensation: $1,000 TTD – $5,000 TTD (depending on role)

Additional Details: Actors cast in this production will receive meals and a certificate of participation.

This casting notice was submitted by: Darpan Parsan