Anton Berryman

I must commend Triston and his team. The level of professionalism and courtesy was above and beyond. They really ensured that the talent is well taken care of on the shoot. Especially when it comes to briefing, logistics and ensuring the talent is fed and adequately hydrated. Well done!

Anton Berryman | Performing Artist

Damian Salandy

Triston Wallace and TTPAN rekindled a light I thought had gone out. All the work I’ve gotten in Trinidad and Tobago was through this website and the more than generous consideration of Triston Wallace! May you keep growing and changing the industry and mindset of this business in TnT. I see nothing but good things for us here!

Damian Salandy | Actor

Azriel Bahadoor

Put simply, The Network is invaluable to my filmmaking process. It allows me to write and produce without worry. Triston treats every script as it’s own individual piece and goes above and beyond the call to provide the absolute best actors available. The entire process from start to finish is professional and hassle free.

The Network is a tool that should be in every filmmaker’s arsenal.

Azriel Bahadoor | Director, Filmmaker

Arion Stafford

5-starsThis is an amazing resource for anyone involved in the arts in any aspect. I need[ed] two female Guyanese voices [and] did not know where to turn. [I] posted a casting call and in no time my inbox was inundated with talent. Much thanks

Arion Stafford | Producer 

Christian James 

The Trinidad & Tobago Performing Arts Network was integral to the casting of Green Days by the River (2017). Their Theatrebuzz Callboard was the main centralized platform that we utilized in our initial round of casting. Due to the large number of actors logged in their database, several of our cast came from the T&T Performing Arts Network. It’s an invaluable service for the sourcing of Trinbagonian talent for film and TV.

Christian James | Producer 

Aaron Koon Koon


This service has been a guiding light in providing opportunities for up and comers who otherwise wouldn’t have an idea on where to look to showcase their talents. I hope it grows exponentially in the future.

Aaron Koon Koon | Performing Artist

Leslie Ann Caton


Such fantastic service! We needed a quick casting call sent out and TTPAN was quick to deliver! We found exactly the cast we were looking for given the short time frame. FIVE STARS!!!!

Leslie Ann Caton | FixerFilm Ltd.

Arielle Ramkissoon


Professional. Passionate. People-oriented. The only network of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago and it definitely was a necessary endeavour. I can find out about ANYTHING concerning the Arts. All aspects of the Arts in the country seem to be more united proving that this is truly a ‘network’. I also see it as a much needed contemporary museum or as contemporary documentation for all of the wonderful work of Trinibagonian artists. Spreading the word is so much more easier through the TTPAN. I can see this network helping artists in finding stable careers in the Arts right here in T&T.

Arielle Ramkissoon | Performing Artist