About Us

The Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network is a multifaceted organization that serves as the nexus for the Performing Arts in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Theatrebuzz Callboard is a virtual noticeboard for performing arts practitioners, featuring upcoming Casting Calls and Backstage Jobs for various film, television, print and theatre projects; Performing Arts Camps; and Workshops/Masterclasses. It was launched in 2013 and earned OVER 1,800 subscribers in just one year, easily becoming the central hub for casting directors, producers and other employers in the creative sector to submit, and performers and behind the scenes personnel to find new work.

Navigate the menu bar above to find casting calls, upcoming auditions, workshops, masterclasses, backstage jobs and performing arts camps, submit your own notice to reach our ever-growing audience. Also be sure to head over to the right column on our page, (or scroll down if you’re using mobile) and subscribe to our site to receive updates directly via email.

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17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am very excited about something like this, especially being an artiste in tobago. I can now be aware of opportunities in my area that happens in Trinidad


    • Thank you Sasha. Your appreciation means a lot :). This blog is solely for casting calls and auditions. Feel free to follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter @ttpanetwork for upcoming productions, workshops and other information related to the performing arts in Trinidad and Tobago.


  2. My profile name is Trinidad Tobago Filmmaking, on facebook looking to connect people in the fimmaking in trinidad, the page is run by my friends and i who attend and study photogtaphy filmmaking and production managment


    • Hi Marlon,

      What you did was share your casting call flyer to our facebook page. We commented and asked that you enter your details to this site and provided the link. We ONLY publish casting calls that are submitted directly to this site. To have your casting call published to the Theatrebuzz Callboard and our other platforms you have to submit your details directly to the Theatrebuzz Callboard via the form embedded on this page. We appologize for the misunderstanding and look forward to your submission.


      • Thank you so much for your reply. I thought that is what I did, but perhaps I did not get it right. I will try again. Best Regards……


    • Hi Abbi,

      We think it is awesome that you’re putting yourself and your music out there. While the Theatrebuzz Callboard is a the only one of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago where you can be notified about upcoming auditons, if your interest is in putting your original music out there, this particular feature of the T&T Performing Arts Network may not be the best platform for you. We can however furnish you with our best advice in terms of getting your music out there though. Select “Contact Us” from our main menu and lets continue the conversation.


      • Hi, T&T Performing Arts Network, Abbie P,

        I am a representative of MusicZoneTT. We are a brand that supports and promotes local art (music, film etc) of all genres (specializing in music of course). You can message us on Facebook for more information as we are always on the lookout for fresh talent.

        Warmest regards,

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