Now Hiring | Drama Coordinator [Closed]

Employer: Tobago Performing Arts Company

Job Title: Drama Coordinator

Employment Status: Full Time (Contract)

Job Summary:

The Drama Coordinator is responsible for assisting with executing the artistic vision of the Tobago Performing Arts Company Drama segment. The incumbent assists with the practical and creative interpretation of a dramatic script, is involved in the whole process, from the design and pre-production stages, right through to the final performance. The incumbent works closely with the Artistic Director, Dance Coordinator, and other key stakeholders as required, such as creative and production teams, performers and the producer; to create a performance which connects with the audience, and is coordinated effectively across a range of disciplines and with artistic vision.

REPORTS TO: Artistic Director


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Key Duties:

  • Assist with promoting, developing and upholding the Tobago Performing Arts Company as a centre of excellence, committed to producing theatre and work that reflect, define and enhance the audience experience.
  • Develop and execute training programmes for all artist in residence.
  • Assists with the selection of plays and determine specific task.
  • Assists with programming and budget.
  • Working with writers through workshops or script development schemes, adapting a script and, if the play is newly written, working with the writer or collaborating with playwrights.
  • Breaking down a script, analyzing and exploring the content and conducting relevant research
  • Translating and interpreting a script.
  • Holding auditions for productions.
  • Assisting with selection of designers, musicians, etcetera for a production.
  • Managing time and organising people and space.
  • Attending production meetings with set designers
  • Organising rehearsals.
  • Communicating and liaising with all parties involved, including actors, the creative team, the production team and producers.
  • Attending preview performances and preparing detailed notes for the cast and for the creative and production teams.
  • Helping to publicise the production by giving interviews and leading discussions.
  • Perform other similar and related duties.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:


  • Thorough understanding of Theatre Arts, Playwrighting and Drama.
  • Considerable knowledge, of Theatre Arts Studies.
  • Knowledge in Creative/Performing Arts, Arts in the Community, Drama/Theatre Studies.


  • An outstanding ability and passion for promoting and developing new plays.
  • A reputation for excellent creative work.
  • Productive and wide-range knowledge of the relationship involved in producing theatre.
  • The ability to inspire and to work as part of a team
  • Strong communication skills.
  • A commitment to creative learning and training and its place within theatre.


  • Training as evidence by a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts, Fine Arts or a closely related field.
  • Four (4) or more years related experience performing a least seventy-five (75%) percent of the duties outlined above.
  • An outstanding track record as an artist.
  • Experience in theatre works.
  • Extensive experience in Drama.
  • An equivalent combination of training and experience

Compensation: Standard with Government rate

Frequency: Monthly

How to Apply:

To be considered, interested persons are required to submit the following:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address (the one you check often)
  • Cover Letter & Resume
  • Relevant Academic Documents (Please upload all documents into one file)

Deadline: Monday 9th January, 2022 | 4PM

Commitment: Long Term Engagement (3 years in the first instance)

This vacancy was submitted by: Kifaaya James

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